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BRIXIA TRIO is a band of three individual voices, who bonded over the love of music and musical collaboration. They met during their studies in Jazz Performance at the Newpark Music Centre / Dublin City University, briefly after the first encounter with each other, they forged an exciting dynamic, founded on the ideas of sponteneity, collaboration and improvisation.

The name of the band is an ode to immigrantion, of leaving home in search of inspiration, information and evolution. BRIXIA TRIO bring their stories together through their compositions and musical dialogues giving the listener an unfiltered view into the live of an immigrant, musicians and individual. This is us, this is BRIXIA TRIO. 

Anna Bignami: Guitar

Otso Kasperi Mielonen: Bass

Enrico Goffi: Drums


Sisucunda is a band led by bassist & composer Otso Kasperi Mielonen. The band was formed as a collective and a compositional playground for the contemporary musicians in Ireland. Most recently Sisucunda has performed exclusively music from the songbook Emerald at various occasions in Ireland. 

Sisucunda is an old Finnish word original defined by Daniel Juslenius in his dictonary from 1745. Sisucunda is a place or organ, in which strong emotions arrive from. 

The members of Sisucunda vary from performance to performance and is never to be a set band per se. With every performance Sisucunda strives to create a unique one time experience. Every performance has a decided story written and concept, which the performance is based around. This way the band ensures that musicians, performers and fans are always kept on edge of what is happening.

Piuma a Finnish / Italian duo, consisting of Anna Bignami (ITA) & Otso Kasperi Mielonen (FIN). The music of Piuma draws influences from 20th and 21st century classical music, jazz and folk music. Piuma was formed from a matual interest and love for exploring the possibilites of the duo setting. Piuma's repetoire contains composition from composers such as Bela Bartok, Carl Nielsen, as well as their own original compositions. 

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