Studying with Otso

If you are lookng to improve electric bass, double bass playing or rhythmic feel. Then I am here to help. I have played electric bass and double bass for more that 10 years and performed in a long varied of an ensembles, from symphony orchestras, to mathcore, free jazz and more. My teaching methods draws influences from the many different teachers and experiences I have had throughout my own musical career. 

Together we will look at improving your:

  • Technique: Prober technique is hugely importnant for any musicians, to fluently be able to execute their ideas on the instrument. Together we will work on this through exercises, which are always deeply rooted in musicality. 

  • Posture:  Obtaining a good posture while playing your instrument, will not only help your musicality, but also your own long term health. Here I will introduce the student to various different methods to improve their posture. 

  • Rhythm: Rhythm is the core and heart of all music. Having a good rhythmic sense will help any musician making their music feel good. Here we will go into depth with the rhythmic study, a thorough study of different feels and genres. And how to apply advanced rhythmical concepts into your own playing. 

  • Music Theory: Understanding the basics of music theory can hugely boost your creative abilities. Knowing clockworks of music will make it easier for you to learn songs more effienctly and more in depth. 

Lessons will usually take place in my home studio in Dublin, but Skype lessons can also be arranged according to the students wish. I offer home tution as well, but with an added travel fee of 3€ per kilometer. 

One hour lesson: 40€

5x One hour lesson: 190€ (save 10€) 

10x One hour lesson: 380€ (save 20€) 

40 minute lesson: 35€ 

5x 40 minute lesson: 165€ 

10x 40 minute lesson: 325€ 


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