Otso Kasperi Mielonen

Otso Kasperi Mielonen 

Is a Dublin based Finnish bassist, composer and extremist. Born in the city of Oulu, but grew up in the midst of Copenhagen from an early age. Mielonen has performed with regularly with the Carlsberg Big Band in Copenhagen and after moving to Dublin to pursue his studies with Ronan Guilfoyle, Cormac O'Brien, Greg Felton and Patrice Brun at Newpark Music Centre (now DCU), he has been an active part of the Irish jazz scene.In Ireland Mielonen leads his own band Sisucunda, as well as performing along with Anna Bignami (ITA) in the duo Piuma.  Mielonen's music portraits his desire to combine extremely catchy and memorable melodies with the exploration of the new horizons of free improvisation. The music of the Finnish composer truly represents his ability to find beauty at the extremes without disregarding the satisfaction of conventions. 

Mielonen is also the author of the songbook Emerald. A book which consist of 50 compositions written all in the time span of three weeks. Meanwhile composing for the songbook Otso also produced his debut solo album, named 30 Days of Bass and Video. 

30 Days of Bass and Video

30 days of Bass and Video was recorded and composed over 30 days. The album explores the sonic palette of the electric bass guitar and how the art of film could affect the way you compose.  All the compositon are based on sounds or film and are purely performed on the electric bass guitar.

Every day a new video with new music was upload to Youtube, during this production. Feel free to check it out on my YouTube channel


The songbook Emerald is a compilation of 50 compositions written during the timespan of three weeks, during the summer of 2018. 

Inspired by the Masada book by John Zorn, Mielonen wanted to explore how deadlines and limitations compositionally could push you to explore new areas of yourself. 

The written music is now a intergral part of Sisucunda's repetoire. 

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